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Joshua Jackson and Jodie Turner-Smith made their first trip to the Critics Choice Awards count. Long sleeve black lace dress Standouts on the red carpet last night at Los Angeles’ Fairmont Century Plaza, they raised the bar for awards season couple’s style, but they weren’t there just to look good. Up for the night’s Best Actor in a Limited Series for his portrayal of infamous former neurosurgeon Christopher Duntsch in Peacock’s Dr. Death, Jackson received the good news at an unexpected moment. “I was in the middle of getting the baby ready in the morning, and suddenly my phone started ringing off the hook,” he shared pre-show. “Mostly [I was] surprised at first [but] I’m happy for myself, Christian [Slater] and the show, for everybody who made it happen.”

The miniseries recounts the story of Duntsch, whose negligence in the operating room maimed dozens of patients and led to two deaths, and the physicians who worked for years to get his medical license revoked in the state of Texas. Bringing such an intense real-life story to the screen was a challenge. “The preparation on this one was the easier part,» explains Jackson. «You can hide from the emotional weight of the character while in the learning process. The doing though…that part was quite heavy.”

Despite the ups and downs, Jackson found himself moved by the process of making the miniseries. “I’ve been very lucky to do this wonderful job for so many years [but] this experience was completely unique,” he says. “We were the first show back after the COVID shutdown. The story that we were telling was very intense, and it forced us all to be completely committed to the work that we were doing and to each other’s safety. This second life of the show is a beautiful coda, but I will always cherish that experience.”

Celebrating the show’s success at the Critics Choice Awards was thrilling, especially as Jackson got to share the moment with his leading lady. Still, being married to a burgeoning fashion icon means you’ve got to step your style up. “Once I saw what my wife was wearing, I knew I was going to have to look good,” says Jackson. Thankfully Jackson’s groomer Barbara Guillaume was on hand and Gucci creative director Alessandro Michele created a pair of stunning outfits for the couple. Long sleeve white dress maxi Michele crafted a black shawl lapel tuxedo and matching satin bow tie for Jackson, plus a pair of the house’s signature horse-bit detail loafers.

The Gucci look Turner-Smith and her stylists Wayman Bannerman and Michal McDonald selected was a show-stopper. A teal satin gown with asymmetrical flounces, it exemplified Michele’s mix of nostalgic references and modern techniques. Naturally, the After Yang star found wearing it was a dream. “I’m enamored of everything that Alessandro Michele makes for me!” says Turner-Smith. “From the first time I tried the gown on, I was deeply in love. The color was divine [and] the way the fabric moved and slid across my skin! That dramatic trailing train! It felt like a beautiful homage to gowns of years past, romantic elements meeting an aesthetic that could have belonged as well in the ’70s as now.”

To keep with the past-meets-present theme, Turner-Smith and her hairstylist Ursula Stephen looked to French cinema’s ultimate icon: Brigitte Bardot. “Ursula and I were inspired by Bardot-esque updos,» says Turner-Smith. «There’s something about the hair that’s equal parts sexy and soft.” Makeup artist Sheika Daley kept the cosmetics look playful thanks to a series of products from Guerlain. “We wanted to complement the softness of the dress while also doing a graphic liner and [using] Guerlain’s amazing mascara to nod towards its sexiness,» says Turner-Smith. «To top it all off, we had this fantastic jewelry from Bulgari that they were kind enough to let me wear in my hair along with a million rings and a snake bracelet.”

That Bulgari high jewelry platinum necklace with more than 100 carats worth of emeralds and diamonds was lovely, but what made Jackson and Turner-Smith’s big night out special was experiencing it together. Sequin long sleeve dress “The highlight was doing this with my husband, being there in support of his CCA nomination,” says Turner-Smith. “We had a gorgeous suite at the Waldorf-Astoria in Beverly Hills, and getting glammed there together was a dream. [It’s] these little moments, small things are the memories that we’ll carry with us always, and we are so lucky to get to do what we do and that we have each other to share it with is the best part.”

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